Hoyt Ignite Review: A Great Compound Bow for Beginners and Beyond

Hoyt Ignite Review: A Great Compound Bow for Beginners and Beyond

So you’ve been looking at getting a new bow and have it narrowed down to a few. . . Check out our Hoyt Ignite review and see if this is the compound bow for you.

This compound bow is engineered to give a more affordable option for beginners to get involved in archery and eventually grow with them, so they do not have to buy a new bow every few years. Hoyt Ignite is a great entry-level bow that can also be appreciated by shooters looking for a low-cost choice.



  • Adjustable draw length of 19 up to 30 inches
  • Delivers speeds of up to 300 feet per second
  • Has a 28 inches axle-to-axle length
  • Has a nice long brace height of 8 inches
  • Comes with a massive weight range from 15 pounds to 70 pounds
  • Lightweight at 3.6 pounds
  • Equipped with Hoyt’s TEC riser design
  • Employs Ignite Limb System




Aluminum Risers and Limb

Hoyt Ignite is equipped with machined aluminum Tec riser that has a truss that runs down the riser behind the bow hand. This feature can help reduce torque and enhances your center shot because the riser is a little wider at its widest point than most compound bows. The aluminum riser is designed to be thinner but does not lose any of its strength. Thus, it absorbs more vibration and shock than the standard style riser of other bows.

This compound bow comes with two parallel ZR125 split-limbs that lets you adjust the bow without having to change the limbs. The maximum draw weight depends on the draw length and the limb bolt adjustments. Even if the limbs are stiff, they still give you a stable shot. The combination of the limb bolt adjustment and the draw length determines the draw weight.

The draw weight is adjustable in a range of approximately 15# at each draw length, with the maximum weight of 70# that is only achievable at 30 inches. The limb bolt can be turned at a maximum number of eight turns allowing for the 15# adjustability.


Eccentric System

Hoyt Ignite is capable of a wide range of adjustability thanks to its Ignite Cam System. The draw length can easily fit almost all sizes of shooters by adjusting it in one-inch increments from 19 up to 30 inches just by using the rotating modules. You simply remove the screws that connect the rotating modules, then slide the module into place, and tighten the screws back in place. Remember that the maximum draw weight will be directly affected by the draw length.

The speed of this compound bow is based on the relation of the adjustments, for example, the maximum draw weight at 19 inches is 35#, while the minimum draw weight of 30 inches is 48#. This eccentric cam system will give the shooter a respectable 300 fps, but there are times that it will not produce quite that much speed. It will, however, come close to the maximum draw weight and length.



Hoyt Ignite is equipped with a one-piece composite bow grip that is designed to be a little more compact to fit hands of younger shooters or women. Its low-torque quality provides consistent and accurate shots. Since this is an entry-level compound bow, it is engineered to grow old with the user so you can start learning with this bow and level up your performance without having to buy a new one.

This compound bow provides a good speed depending on the draw length. It gives the shooter a very smooth draw cycle.


Draw Cycle

Although the Hoyt Ignite gives a smooth draw cycle, it is not the best compared to other brands and models. The draw cycle can be stiff depending on the draw weight; there is also a slight bounce at the back wall due to the absence of a draw stop, which will be felt regardless of the draw weight.

Some experienced shooters complain of the anticipated awkwardness with the draw cycle, therefore, not recommended for use in hunting. Some shooters claim that it just takes a little getting used to. However, for those just starting to learn to shoot, this compound bow is a good training bow because it forces them to use proper back tension techniques.



According to some experienced shooters, this compound bow gives a surprisingly quiet and accurate shot. The draw cycle is decent enough and has respectable speed when adjustments are maxed out, once you get over the bounce at the back wall. Although the speed is still slower than the more advanced compound bows, the Hoyt Ignite is quiet, has very low vibration, and is quite accurate. Again, the ideal features for a beginner’s compound bow.


Silencing Package

 The Hoyt Ignite is as quiet as what it is designed to be, which is a beginner’s bow. Out of the box, it does not come with any additional silencing features other than what is designed in the bow itself. For the more experienced shooters, you may think of adding silencing components such as a stabilizer to prevent the bow from making any residual vibration and noise.


Other Features


Hoyt Ignite can be bought as a Ready to Hunt package that includes the following:

  • Whisker Biscuit Arrowrest
  • String Loop installed on the string
  • Copperjohn Saxon Sight
  • Peep Sight
  • Mustang Release Aid
  • Treelimb 5 Arrow Quiver
  • 5 Easton PowerFlight Arrows w/field points

It can also be bought as a bare bow that is suitable for the experienced archer who no longer needs the added accessories.


One thing that would turn off most shooters from getting this compound bow is that it is available only for left-hand users. Some users may complain of the slow speed, but overall, the Hoyt Ignite has not much for archers to complain about.



Hoyt Ignite is an excellent choice for youngsters who want to try their hands at archery. It offers ease of use and extreme adjustability that will definitely grow old with them as they get more experience. And since this has features that provide a good shooting experience, even the advanced users can appreciate this compound bow.

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