Bear Cruzer G2 Review

Bear Cruzer G2 Review

Whether for hunting or sport, a decent bow is what you need to shoot those arrows to hit your target or prey. Archery is a skill that helped our ancestors survive. It was their way of getting food and for defending themselves and their territories. Now, it has developed into a competitive sport and a form of recreational activity.

There are many different kinds of bows available on the market. But in this article, the highlight is the Bear Cruzer G2. We will be having a more in-depth review of the specifications of this bow. Surely at the end of this review, you will be thoroughly impressed.


The Bear Cruzer G2

This bow is a great option whether you are a beginner or a more advanced archer. It is a nice starter bow that can be adjusted as you develop your skills. The Bear Cruzer G2 is a bow that will grow with you. If you get tired of it and want to move on, you can easily pass it down because it will adjust to the archer’s skills. Both kids and adults will love this bow, and it will cost you less than $400.


  • 315 fps IBO speed rating
  • Weighs 3 lbs.
  • 5 inches brace height
  • 30 inches axle-to-axle length
  • 12-30 inches draw length range
  • 70% let-off
  • 5-70 draw weight range
  • Machined aluminum riser
  • Available for both left and right hand

Bear Cruzer G2’s Speed

Before, bow speed is calculated using the Archery Manufacturing (AMO) standard. Now IBO or International Bowhunting Organization is the one being used. Both of these standards measure the speed by setting the bow at a 30-inch draw length. The difference is in the maximum draw weight and the grains per pound. For AMO, the bow should be set at a 60 lbs. maximum draw weight at 9 grains per pound and for IBO, 70 lbs. at 5 grains per pound.

The Bear Cruzer G2  shoots at 315 feet per second (fps), which is very fast. If you are a hunter, a fast shooting arrow is needed for a higher chance of catching your prey. It has a draw weight range of 5 to 70. In IBO standards, drawing the bow for 30 in. will give you the fastest speed. The more you shorten the draw length, the more your arrow slows down.


Axle-to-Axle Length

The ATA is the length between the two attached cams from one end to another on the bow. In general, a bow with a longer ATA is considered more forgiving. However, a long ATA will not always be very effective in every type of shooting or hunting you will be doing.

For instance, you are hunting in a forest, there will not be much space for you, and your movement will be limited so as not to scare off your prey. A longer bow might make it difficult for you when you are in a limited space.

The Bear Cruzer G2 has an ATA length of 30 in. This is the most common length because it is considered the sweet spot of compound bows. For a beginner, it is good to start with this length. As you develop your skill and get more into a more specific type of archery, then you can look for a more suitable bow for that.



The adjustability of the limbs of the Bear Cruzer G2 is a feat not to be ignored. The Endurafiber limbs provide flexibility and rigidity that allows the bow to be adjusted according to the bowman’s preference. It will give you more power control and a reduced overall shock in every shot.


Brace Height

From the deepest part of the bow grip to the string is the brace height. It affects two factors, the speed of the arrow and the forgiveness of the bow. A shorter brace height can shoot a faster arrow. For example, you have two bows set at the same weight and draw length, the one with the shorter brace height will hit the same target faster. They also have more forgiveness so you will have more accurate shots.

Since the Bear Cruzer G2 is a compound bow, the brace height is set at 6.5 in. This is great to use when hunting or 3-D target shooting. Its brace height makes it fast enough for catching prey.


Bow Weight

The riser is the largest part of a bow, so it is the biggest contributor to the bow’s overall weight.  Heavier bows are usually more stable and make less noise. But it is not always to get the heavier ones especially if you are not strong enough to hold it.

The Bear Cruzer G2 is in the lighter range, only measuring 3 lbs. Bowmans who are smaller and have less strength will most likely be fit for this bow. If you do not mind the noise and if a lighter bow feels more stable in your hands, then that would be the best option for you.


The Style

After considering which specs are best suited for you, it is time to pick your bow. The Bear Cruzer G2 is available for left or right-handed people. In archery, the eyes are the factors that determine which orientation is best. You are either left or right eye dominant.

A simple way to determine this is by making a triangle with your thumb and index fingers. Then, focus on one object and center it on your line of sight with both eyes open. Close one eye and the one where the object stays at the center is your dominant eye.

The Bear Cruzer G2 is also available in eight different colors. They have shadow, realtree edge, kryptek highlander, undertow, toxic, wildfire, muddy girl, and truetimber kanati.


The Bear Cruzer G2 is a great bow that provides versatility. They can be used for target shooting or hunting. Its adjustability also allows it to grow with you as you become better with your skills. It is a well-constructed bow with decent draw weight and length. It has good accuracy and stability too.

The company, Bear Archery, really lives up to their motto of providing reliable bows that truly surpass the standard of expectations. Being founded by a champion archer, we can be assured that this company knows what they are doing.

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